My Story

My passion for skincare took root in my life when I was a young and bare faced 12-year-old girl. Forbidden to wear makeup the only alternative was to keep my skin in flawless condition. My ageless Ecuadorian mother taught me the importance of cleansing and moisturizing my skin. Flash forward 30 years and dozens of skincare products used I became more aware of what I was putting on my body through these products. 

I am a survivor. I am a Breast Cancer survivor.  I live with Cardiomyopathy (a direct result of cancer), Hypothyroidism and Hashimotos. During my research to heal from many of these diseases over the past 15 years, I realized what I had been consuming internally and externally has played a role in my diagnoses. This is where my love for skincare and thriving for a healthy body merge.

Today, there are 1300 banned ingredients in Europe and only 10 here in the United States that are considered harmful to the body. As consumers we deserve to know what we are putting on the largest organ in our body, our skin. We deserve to know that some ingredients being used in so many mainstream beauty products, which may benefit our skin will ultimately affect our overall health. The research and studies are crystal clear. There is a significant number of toxic ingredients contained in skincare products that are associated with developing cancer, autoimmune disorders, ADHD, ADD and endocrine disruption, not only in adults but also in children. 

My forty-two-year journey has divinely led me to create Ecuacan Skincare. Through Ecuacan I am on a quest to educate women of all ages that non-toxic and clean beauty is an effective and healthier choice. Ecuacan has become a direct product of what I have learned in my journey, what I am now teaching my two beautiful daughters, and what I hope many others can learn from. Beauty doesn’t stem from our perfectly imperfect skin. True beauty stems from our stories and the journey of life we each had to endure. Choose differently. Shop here.

With love and gratitude,